7. First Encounter, First Obstacle

Mission: Return to the Royal Magic and Knight Academy

Hint: Encountering the Heroine and shaking her emotional balance will increase your mission rewards.

The moment my eyes met with those of the Heroine that damned Game System panel popped up before my eyes again. ‘I know. I just have to shake her feelings a little, right?’

Yes, well, the more the better. These obstacles shall become the stepping stone to their love.

I clicked my tongue. A love built on the ruin of others…

“Long time no see Ellen”, I said using her fake name, she used inside the academy. A small smirk naturally found its way on my face. “Not that I wanted to see you this fast again after all that drama I had to go through.”

“Miss Sophien”, she hurriedly stood up and nearly tumbled over her own feet.

It felt like my mission was going well.

“You call that a proper greeting? Did I not tell you about what I had to go through? You should apologize for making such a fuss, really I do not recognize why I was punished in the first place, don’t you agree, Ellen?”

She bowed a little deeper and I nearly felt some sympathy for her miserable appearance but I recalled her being a spy of the neighboring kingdom. We were both at fault and could both not go against our instructions. Should I recall correctly then this Princess struggled quite a bit between right and wrong and her kingdom or friends.

“You are right. I am sorry, I am glad to see you are back.”

I could clearly see how she pressed that out between her lips. So you had a little temper. I liked that she did not pretend to be an innocent little lamp. She was royalty for god’s sake. Being calm after being told to wipe the floor and even apologize for speaking up was incredible.

“Hmm, I see”, I muttered while taking a step forward. I was the Villainess, after all. “Are you surprised?”, I whispered into her ear. I had to bend down quite a bit since I still had not allowed her to rise. “I bet, you wished for me to die”, I mused. “But, you know, I am quite resilient. These small tricks won’t work on me so spare me your masquerade, will you?”.

I stood back with a little smile. It felt so refreshing to talk her down.

Somehow it felt like my feelings were still interlocked with Sophien’s and she was angry. Ellen first stole her fiance and brother and was furthermore the reason for her being killed so many times. These overlapping feelings were exhilarating and frightening.

“You can rise. In the future don’t dramatize our encounters every time. You do know why I am chastising you, don’t you?”, with that I turned my back to her. My guide stood a few meters apart and seemed oddly excited about our exchange. “Guide me”, I simply instructed him.

As I reached the pillars I turned my head back. She was still standing in place.

“Little Princess”, I mumbled before I left her behind for good.

Congratulations for accomplishing the Mission Return to the Magic and Knight Academy!

Your rewards are being calculated.

Activating Side Quest: Regaining your Reputation

Description: Due to some unfortunate circumstances the people in this school have forgotten the glory of the Villainess. Regain your reputation as a Villainess!

Progress: 10/100

+20 Emotional Points from the Heroine.

In my head I thanked Ellen for being so generous. Now 70 Points left to go. ‘But what exactly is a Side Quest? Is it something like a mission or does it belong to the Main Quest?’ I asked my system.

A Side Quest is outside of the normal range. It activates should you meet certain conditions. In this case someone observed your exchange with the Heroine and their reaction triggered the Quest. I do not know what rewards you might get for resolving the Side Quest, same for the punishments so let’s go for it?

In my mind, I snorted. ‘Don’t ask me!’. Afterwards I glimpsed at my guide who was probably that certain someone. He just gave me a small grin and I quickly looked away. Crazy bastard.

Notice: Your Beginner Bonus has run out of effect. Please choose your reward:

      1. Further improvement of your body
      2. Information concerning the next Event
      3. First Year’s theoretical knowledge of Knighthood

‘Will I always get choices?’, I asked the system while checking my rewards.

It depends on your efforts. If the Game System is satisfied with your progress, your rewards will be high too.

Yeah, but what should I choose? This body was originally weak so catching up to the other nobles was certainly not enough. However I could improve my body on my own. Same with the next reward. Both Sophien and I had gone through the excursion event. It was there that I met that ferocious monster so while information would be nice, it wasn’t necessary. And the last…

Right now it was the most practical choice.

‘I want to save my progress and choose reward number three.’

Progress has been saved. Initiating Information transfer.

Do you want to continue immediately? Yes/No

“This will be your room from now on. Your belongings will be transferred to you shortly. Your servant is overseeing the transport. Do you need anything else? I can also show you around the training places. I am also a knight major.”

At this moment my guide and I arrived.

I mustered him again after this statement but I really could not see him as a knight. He was tall but thin and wearing glasses, paired with this careless smile he had on for a while now, I really could not see a knight in him.

“Thanks but for now I would like to rest.”

“Oh dear, I forgot you just arrived. That’s alright. My offer stands. Maybe you would want to join me on a tour tomorrow?”, again he showed me a silly grin.

I just nodded, having someone to tour you around would be nice even if he was a little weird.

“Alright. See you tomorrow.”

With that I was left alone. Hurriedly I opened the door to my room. It was inside the knights dormitory for women. This school had four dormitories, two for each major and the students were further separated by gender.

Students with double majors traditionally also lived in the knights dormitory because they would have to wake up every morning for basic training. Furthermore this school was specialized for nobles, so the rooms were quite spacious.

However, commoners could still be admitted to this school based on a tradition left by the founders. Their rooms weren’t as spacious and they would have to share their room but it was still a far cry from the actual history of my former world.

In this game, there existed normal schools for the general public to become a knight or a public bureau worker but it was extremely difficult to make a solid career through this.

“It’s nice”, I mumbled to myself.

My new room was incredibly small compared to my room in the Duke’s manor but… it was bright. Thanks to the smaller space which was still spacious, the whole atmosphere was much more welcoming.

The walls were painted in a light creme color, and from my window I could oversee the training ground.

A knock tore me out of my trance.

“Yes?”, I asked.

It was Ines. She and a few workers from the school brought my luggage and sorted it. I felt like a Princess.

Once I was alone, I laid down on my grand king size bed, the light blue bed sheets smelled like flowers and I wondered how they accomplished this feat without a washing machine.

‘Okay. Transfer the Information.’

Initiating Information transfer. This may take a few hours.

Then, I lost my consciousness.



Transmitting First Year’s theoretical knowledge of Knighthood failed. Losing contact with the host’s body.

Initiating Save Point.


As I was slowly coming back to myself I stumbled over my feet.

“Miss Sophien?! Are you alright?” My guide was standing beside me and reached out to help me up.

What happened?

For now I ignored the outstretched hand to observe my surroundings. I was sitting on a stone ground belonging to the academy. The guide from which I originally separated myself already was standing awkwardly in front of me. Not far behind me was the place I mocked the Heroine.

Notice: Due to the host dying the Information Transfer failed.

Initiating transfer of ‘First Year’s theoretical knowledge of Knighthood’. Please stay alive for the transmission to be successful.

‘What do you mean dying? Wait!’

The next moment I lost my consciousness again thanks to the lovely Game System.


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