Author: Luna Campari

  • 15. Rumours (4)

    Fate was something fickle. There could be just one moment which set off a series of reactions. This was such a moment. The fall-out with the Crown Prince set off an unintentional faction war. Did I mention before how Sophien was socially awkward? To be honest, I’m not sure. Sometimes I still get confused by […]

  • 14. Rumours (3)

    + 5 Reputation Points + 5 Reputation Points + 5 Emotional Points Villainess Reputation currently 70/100 I didn’t know in which direction the rumours derailed to gain this much points but seeing my Side Quest resolve itself really reduced my enthusiasm to shut down the rumours. ‘By the way, why are there two different kinds […]

  • 13. Rumours (2)

    The day began with me happily dressing in my pitch black training outfit. Since the temperature was alright I still chose the summer uniform and after attaching my leather armour and belts, I felt more like an adventurer than a wannabe knight. And if I were to wear a black cloth to cover my face, […]

  • 12. Rumours

    That night I stopped transmitting my Stats when I staggered through the door of the Clock Tower Room. The first thing I did was to check on Carnelian who was still sleeping but unmistakably breathing. After that I put on a coat that covered my whole dress to hide the blood stains. The system also […]

  • 11. First Encounter, First Obstacle (5)

    How about you drink and eat something? There is still a little time. You are normally murdered when it is really dark already. The system joked. ‘Can’t you say it a little more humane?’, I grumbled. By the way the system and I treated dying as some sort of event instead of, well the ultimate […]

  • 10. First Encounter, First Obstacle (4)

    From all Capture Targets I had contact with, my impression of my brother and my fiancee was the worst. Being a little conceited and arrogant was okay. In this society it was near impossible to not be aware of one’s status. These two though… Just at this moment we arrived at the personal lounge of […]

  • 9. First Encounter, First Obstacle (3)

    I felt some sense of déjà-vu as I woke up in the same white room as before. I had a nasty taste left in my mouth and an empty stomach. “Is it better now?” This time I was not alone. Embarrassment flushed over me as I recalled what happened. After recognizing Carnelian I grasped his […]

  • 8. First Encounter, First Obstacle (2)

    This time I woke up in a room resembling a hospital room. ‘The hell! System, what happened?’ You are currently in the infirmary of the academy after fainting on your way to the dormitories. While you were in the process of receiving your reward, you were killed and the Game System transferred you back to […]

  • 7. First Encounter, First Obstacle

    Mission: Return to the Royal Magic and Knight Academy Hint: Encountering the Heroine and shaking her emotional balance will increase your mission rewards. The moment my eyes met with those of the Heroine that damned Game System panel popped up before my eyes again. ‘I know. I just have to shake her feelings a little, […]

  • 6. Back to the Academy (2)

    It took the Duke exactly one day to come to a decision and another two to make my return happen. He decided that I would take on a second major so from now on I would have to learn about magic and knighthood. From my point of view it was a very good alternative. I […]