Big Friends

Kaila was separated from her parents as they were running away from a giant lizard. It was an accident. There were so many people in front of the supermarket when Kaila lost the hand of her mother. She kept hearing her scream her name. But the crowd kept pushing her mother away.

They kept pushing Kaila away as well, just not in the same direction.

Her hometown wasn’t big. As long as she could recognize where she was, she would find her way home. These last few days, there was no television. Her parents thought that they were still safe. They took her out to go shopping for groceries and it seemed as if many people had the same thought. Everyone wanted to stock more food to stay safe in their homes, should the disasters come knocking.

But it was too late.

There was nothing outside the car window while Kaila kept looking. However, just as they were leaving the supermarket, a disaster appeared above. They were lucky. Nobody was injured – at least in their family.

However, now they got separated. Kaila tried not to panic but as the crowd kept pushing her on the street, she fell. All she could do was to protect her head as she was lying on the ground. The people did not care about her or could not. Some even stepped on her.

She kept thinking about people who died because of this. Would she be one of them? Stepped to death? It didn’t seem to be. After a short while nobody stepped onto her anymore. As she looked up, all she could see was the dust left behind.

She slowly got up. Besides some minor pain, she seemed to be alright.

Something blew warm air against her head and before she could scream or do anything, she felt a big mouth which snatched her away. In the beginning, she was afraid but after a while she noticed that she didn’t feel any pain. Slowly Kaila opened her eyes.

She could see her hometown beneath her as the creature took her away. Suddenly she saw something fantastic. There was an island floating in the sky.

Somehow she did not feel afraid like she knew, she wasn’t in danger.

The creature helped Kaila on the island while itself kept flying. Now that she could really see this thing, it only looked like a lizard but it had wings like a dragon.

“What is this?”, she mumbled. Was this really earth? Then why was there a floating island?

I am glad I found you.

“Hello?”, she turned around but could not find anyone. She was alone with the lizard.

It’s me. You should be able to understand me, right?

It took her a while to understand. “You can speak?”, she asked. It did not open his mouth!

Not exactly. I am transmitting my thoughts to you. We searched for a long time to find you.

“You searched for me? Why? And what is this? Are we still on earth?”, she did not feel afraid or was in panic. Somehow she felt… peace. Like she was where she should be.

This is earth. And also not. 

Our world was falling apart. We searched for a long time until we came in contact with your world. It has similar living conditions as ours, so as a last resort, we combined them with magic. It was a very difficult magic and it will take some time until these worlds are completely assimilated. This island is a product of this assimilation.

“Wait. Wait, wait, wait. Why are you telling me this? Do you mean there will be more disasters like you?”. She was startled. This world was already in chaos because of a few monsters. What would happen if a world of monsters appeared? “Will you eat us?”, she asked while taking a few steps back.


Weren’t you humans wondering, why some of these electronic things were not working? This is the reason. Our world is full of magic. There will be monsters that will hunt humans but there will also be monsters like me which are able to communicate. You are important. You have to tell the humans about this. They have to be prepared. There may come diseases or other catastrophes because of the assimilation. There will also come new races from our world. And your people may awaken abilities like yours.

“Abilities like me?”

Exactly. Your ability is to communicate with everything. This is the reason we can understand each other even though we are speaking in different languages. Besides, have you called me a disaster? Is this your name for us?

Somehow guilty Kaila looked away. “Well, nobody knew them and nothing seemed to work since they appeared so of course you all seemed like a disaster to us”.

They were talking in different languages? She didn’t notice.

I understand. Our world is called Gaitla. Please, will you help us inform yours?

A little bit overwhelmed, Kaila remained silent. After a while she looked up and stared straight into the eyes of the lizard. “I’m only fourteen. I don’t know how to do something this big but I will try my best. For the time being I will have to return to my family, can you please bring me back? I will tell them. I’m sure they will have more ideas than me.”


This was the first meeting between the two who would be known as heroes in the New Earth Age. However, that would be a story for the future. For now, these two would have to master both small and big conflicts between Gaitla and Earth.



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